The Timken Company has 45 Test-Master Pro’s, optical-emission spectrometers at their facilities. All material is VERIFIED utilizing the instrument prior to shipping. Timken required special software modifications for every Test-Master Pro. The software records every burn (sample test) with the specific chemistry; Mn, Si, Cr, Ni, Mo, V, Ti, Cb, W and Al. Date, time, operator clock number, pass/fail result and the bale number, which is tied to the order number. All data is recorded through wireless data transmission at Timken’s onsite data storage center. ALL testing is conducted in “Arc Mode” and the average test time per sample is less than two seconds. Preset grade ranges determine a pass or fail grade; if a sample fails, the order is not accepted by the instrument and the Quality Department becomes alerted to the issue.


Timken expertly shows the versatility and ruggedness of the Test-Master Pro. Some units are mounted inside cargo vans and powered by a portable generator. Other units are utilized to audit & verify scrap metal for proprietary melting or for resale. While other units live in the rolling mill to test cold ingots on the “bank” prior to heating and rolling. At the rolling mill, a minimum of two samples are tested prior to and after rolling to verify order quality.

Occasionally the tags verifying metallurgy and order number are removed by accident. In this instance, carbon is the only element that can accurately determine the grade. The instrument is set up to work in “Spark Mode” and high purity argon is used for a more precise reading. Though the amount of time to analyze the material is longer, the argon provides a more accurate picture of the metal.

You may never need all of the resources and specialization that Timken does. However, you can benefit from an instrument set up for your specific needs. Be curious and learn how a customized OE Metal Analyzer can help you better track and control inventory and production.

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Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

Learn How Periodical Maintenance & Calibration Will Save You Money