Spectrometers are an investment that most companies want to get right the first time, so it is not something you are likely to reach a decision on in a single sitting.

It will take time and research, as well as the comparison of a number of different models and companies to ensure you are getting the right one for your needs. When you make your final decision, you want to know that your spectrometer will be able to complete all relevant business processes that are required by your company.

OBLF spectrometers are made with all of this in mind. Each one is geared toward the specific needs of the customer, from analyzing all of the market requirements to specific analysis and testing needs.

OBLF Spark Spectrometer

Spark spectrometers ignite the plasma created by a high-energy spark discharged in an argon atmosphere between your sample and the counter-electrode. It measures the light emitted, giving you a way to run a quantitative analysis of the chemical elements in under 30 seconds. This lets you know what metals, semimetals, and other compounds and chemicals are present.

However, this does not mean that you can buy just any spark spectrometer.

OBLF understands this and offers several types of spark spectrometers, including some that work within the automation process. While all systems have vacuum optics that provide excellent long-term stability, a patented spark stand decreases operating costs and automated purging of the spark stand, which lowers maintenance needs. OBLF spectrometer models all differ in the number of matrixes and elements that need to be determined.

Because you are likely to need a different analysis channel than other customers, OBLF provides a way to customize the product to your needs.

OBLF Gives the Customer What They Wants

Too often in technology, consumers are told what they can have. Some of this is driven by the capability of current technology, but that is not the case with spectrometers.

Spectrometers should be designed based on what customers want. That is why we provide a Customer Questionnaire prior to providing a quote.

All OBLF spectrometer models are designed based on what our customers have told us they need. This gives the OBLF spectrometers a more customer-centered set of functionality instead of a lot of features you aren’t going to need.

We have four different OBLF spectrometers to ensure that your needs can be met:

  1. The OBLF QSG 750-II is considered the flagship model, and is versatile so that you can meet a wide range of needs.
  2. The OBLF GS 1000-II is compact and provides all of the standard spectrometer applications.
  3. The OBLF QSN 750-II is a spark emission spectrometer that is versatile and easily works within automated production environments.
  4. The OBLF VEOS is the most current of the four models, offering the latest in cutting-edge detector technology.

OBLF Spectrometer Features

Spark Stand

Open spark stand
Integrated electrode cleaning
Integrated spark chamber cover
Integrated cleaning of the sample plate
Integrated, patented pulse-purging of the spark stand for self-cleaning

Spark Generator

Digital technology with definable discharge functions
Maintenance-free semiconductor technology

Optical System

High degree of mechanical stability
Optical stability due to use of vacuum
The data logging unit is housed in the temperature-controlled vacuum chamber
Automatic profiling unit
Simple and quick window cleaning


Hardware controlled spectrometer system data
Automatic re-profiling
Automatic initialized control sample measurements
Event-driven automatic recalibration
Import of sample codes
Sample surface check and automatic sample positioning


Easy access to all components

Precise docking positions for mechanical connection to larger systems

Testing and Auditing – Building Quality into the Product

To ensure that customers get the product they need, OBLF places a very heavy emphasis on quality and testing. The entire production process is well-planned so that the end result is a high-quality, reliable product that provides dependable results.

From the planning phase and materials through the end product, every part of the process is coordinated and supervised by experts.

Building quality into the product goes beyond just the planning and production process. Over time, things can go wrong or processes can change. That is why OBLF spectrometers have a very rigorous quality control process. Regular audits by the International Certification Group ensure that the equipment continues to be of the highest quality.

This approach is taken with all four of our models, giving you the confidence required to complete the work at hand without worrying about issues with your spectrometer.

OBLF Spectrometer Models

Here is a quick look at the four models so that you can have a better understanding of their capabilities and to help you determine which one most closely meets your needs.


If you have limited space, this is the perfect spectrometer to fit into that small space without sacrificing quality or functionality. It operates as a single matrix spark emission spectrometer for any standard application. It is also very durable for its size, so you will not need to make special arrangements to keep it out of harm’s way any more than you would with any other spectrometer. This high precision metal analysis spectrometer is the ideal solution when you need all of the basic functionality of a spectrometer in a limited space.
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Whether you have a single-matrix or a multi-matrix need, this model can be modified to meet those needs. Its capabilities are just as varied as it can detect the lowest possible limits with a high rate of reducibility. Using a data logging system developed by OBLF, the QSG 750II also has hardware. It is the ultimate in performance metal analysis.
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Like the QSG 750 II, this spark emission spectrometer provides higher precision metal analysis across a broad spectrum. It can work as a single-matrix or multi-matrix spectrometer. It has the broadest range of applications of any of the spectrometers, including testing and processing.
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The OBLF VEOS offers the latest in detector technology for emission spectroscopy. You can customize this versatile spectroscope for rapid analysis of all types of common metallic materials. It is also the first of its kind to have a semiconductor-based detector system. It is designed to improve spark emission spectroscopy for the best results.
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Cost of OBLF Spectrometers

 At Verichek, we feel that customers should be able to get the product they need at a price that is fair. You should never have to choose between quality and cost. That is why OBLF offer high quality spectrometers at a cost that is comparable to their competitors’ prices.

If you have any questions about the spectrometers from OBLF, please click here to contact us.


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