When should an organization buy, rent or outsource equipment for positive metal identification purposes? That depends on the short and long term goals of the organization. Below are a few examples of when it’s a good idea to buy, rent or have a third party come in and conduct the PMI analysis. Keep reading to learn more about PMI equipment and when to buy, rent or outsource.


What is PMI Equipment?

Positive Material Identification (PMI) equipment plays a crucial role in the metallurgical and manufacturing industries by providing a non-destructive means to determine the chemical composition of metallic alloys. This equipment ensures that the material in question meets the specified chemical composition requirements, thus confirming its identity and suitability for a particular application.

PMI equipment typically utilizes various analytical techniques such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and optical emission spectrometry (OES). XRF analyzers are popular for their portability and the ability to perform rapid, on-site analysis without damaging the sample. They work by emitting X-rays onto the material’s surface, causing the material to emit fluorescent (or secondary) X-rays. The energy levels of these fluorescent X-rays are characteristic of the specific elements present in the material, thus enabling the identification and quantification of the constituents. Learn more about when you should considering buying, renting or outsourcing PMI equipment below.


When to Buy PMI Equipment

You should buy a metal analyzing spectrometer when:

  • Doing so lowers operating costs
  • Reduces time and money spent sending samples to a laboratory
  • Increases in-house quality control and product reliability
  • The process dictates a quick turnaround analysis to proceed to the next step

When to Rent PMI Equipment

  • Because the large volume of pieces to sort exceeds current capacity
  • The cost of buying an instrument or employing a third party vendor poses too much of a burden
  • Trained operator is on staff who can perform the sort and reliable equipment is available for a unique event

When to Outsource

  • When metal analysis is not part of the core business and the need occurs on an irregular basis
  • The cost of training an operator, buying or renting equipment is too expensive
  • Third party vendor is required to perform the analysis to your specifications

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