OS.5c – OBLF Spectrometry

The OBLF OS.5c spark emission spectrometer enables precise determination of the material composition due its state-of-the-art detector technology. This metal analyzer is equipped for fast, and flexible analysis of all common metallic materials. This product also includes an analytical spectrum, which provides a precise analysis of short wavelength elements like phosphorus or sulfur.

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The OBLF OS.5c is a more compact spark spectrometer. However, it still features a semiconductor-based detector system, which includes the spectral resolution required for a laboratory spectrometer. This model also comes with operator-friendly housing.

Easy to use

Beyond the operator-friendly housing, the OBLF OS.5c the spectrometer is highly suitable for use in production environments, goods receipt and materials control purposes, as well as in test labs with diverse analytical tasks. The modern Windows®-based spectrometer software, OBLFWin, permits simple operation of the machine and offers all the usual settings needed for spark spectroscopy.

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Short analysis Time

The OBLF OS.5c enables optimized discharges for any application at short analysis times.

Verichek Technical Services

Maintenance free

The OBLF OS.5c makes use of maintenance-free, digital GDS III excitation. The customer only has to ensure availability of a power and an argon supply.

Verichek Technical Services

Automatic cleaning

The OBLF OS.5c utilizes OBLF’s patented automatic pulse cleaning system, along with an optimized spark stand which requires infrequent maintenance.


  • Complete and flexible inclusion of all analytical tasks
  • Easily extendable features
  • The latest, specially developed detector technology
  • Good performance with regard to detection limit, precision, stability
  • Robust design for use in heavy-duty environments
  • Most comprehensive multi-matrix application options
  • Compact spectrometer


Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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