QSN 750-II Spark optical emission spectrometer

The QSN 750-II spark optical emission spectrometer covers the entire range of metal producing and processing enterprise, and a large spectrum of options for material testers and testing institutes. With 750mm vacuum optics, it can be used as a single- or multi-matrix system.

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The QSN-750 II is often compared to its “little brother”, the GS-1000-II. However, unlike the GS 1000-II, the QSN 750-II can be used within automate production environments. When the spectrometer is combined with a sample-preparation device and a sample-handling robot, it can form a single unit, and can ensure automatic cleaning of the counter-electrode.

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Custom Specifications

Both the integration system and the photomultipliers, which are arranged in accordance with customer specifications, are housed inside the optics and are therefore protected against external influences.

Verichek technical services

Easy Maintenance

The easy-to-reach self-cleaning and patented spark stand and aperture window enable problem-free maintenance by the user. An exhaust filter ensures the consumed argon is purged.

Fast Measuring Process

The automatic program selection option simplifies assignment of the right analysis program. Depending on the application, the measured values appear on screen approx. 16-30 seconds after the start of the measuring process and can then be printed out, transferred within the network or evaluated later.

Verichek technical services

Analytical Constancy

The temperature-stabilised optics and the Gated Digital Source (GDS) technology guarantee a high degree of signal reproducibility and thus analytical constancy.

Simple to Use

Precise instructions on how to operate the QSN 750-II model and use the software are naturally given during installation. The customer only has to ensure availability of a power and an argon supply.


  • Multi matrix applications
  • Up to 64 PMT element channels
  • GDS III spark generator
  • Vacuum system
  • Self-cleaning spark stand
  • Suitable for automated systems
  • Double electrode system as option
  • Automatic electrode cleaning as option


Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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