GNR SpiderX

Portable Residual Stress Analyzer

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SpiderX is the new GNR portable residual stress analyzer. It has been designed focusing on exceptional portability lightness, easiness to set up, outstanding performances and negligible X-Ray emissions.

The result is a compact and smart instrument, based on a low power X-Ray Tube and on a fast and highly efficient detector, the combination of which ensures accurate and fast measurements.

The head of the goniometer rotates along a curved sector of 90 degrees, for the determination of the stress status in polycristalline materials. The 2Theta angle can be changed from 135° to 165° in order to analyze Fe (ferrite, austenite), Al, Ni, Cu, Ti and Mg Alloys.

The GNR SpiderX is versatile to work on-site or in a laboratory. 

On-Site Features

On-Site Features

  • Non-destructive on-site measurement of big samples
  • Easily access to the measurement point thanks to the versatility of the goniometer head
  • The battery allows on-site measurement without the main power supply
  • Single case contains goniometer and power supply with a total weight of approx. 19 Kg.
laboratory features

Laboratory Features

    • GNR SpiderX can be mounted either in a closed cabin, suitable for laboratory analysis
    • The anthropomorphic arm allows changing easily the measuring point

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From Data Acquisition to Data Analysis, the GNR SpiderX Software supports several tasks and is extremely easy to use for uni-axial residual stress state analysis. The SpiderX software has been developed in compliance with ASTM E915 practice and UNI EN 15305.

GNR SpiderX Software allows to measure and to calculate residual stress on any polycrystalline materials:

  • Acquisition time / steps: 30-120 s
  • Number of steps: 5-17
  • Peak position determination by centroid method
  • Normal and shear component analysis available for uni-axial measurement

Fully featured Windows software using thread-based multi-tasking:

  • X-Ray tube run-up and control
  • Settable Miller indices, Young’s moduls and Poisson’s ratio
  • Detectors, DC motors, power supply, safety interlock functions control
  • Ω-mode
  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Project Manager


Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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