Need PMI testing and want to do it in house but don’t want to spend the money to purchase an instrument?

The decision to invest in OES instruments or to rent is not a decision made quickly. You must identify exactly what type of testing you require and match that to the appropriate instrument.

OES Equipment Available for Rental at Verichek

Not all instruments will provide the same type of information.

Handheld instruments are excellent for quick readings needed to identify materials in broad categories. Mobile and Lab units provide more detailed information on material chemistry and also come with a much larger price tag.

Verichek Technical Services, Inc. has an inventory of instruments to meet your needs whether it is handheld laser or XRF devices, mobile OES, or OES Lab instruments. Our Technical Engineers will provide you with the training needed, assist in the program set up, and ensure your operators are ready to go with fully optimized instruments.

Why Rent OES Equipment?

If your needs are intermittent or only for a short period of time, renting an instrument is an excellent way to ensure you get the instrument you need without needing to approve a capital expenditure. Equipment rental is an easy way to get the instrument you require without investing a lot money needed elsewhere in your business. OES instruments are expensive, renting for a short period of time will provide you with the data you need and the traceability you require.

Here are three great reasons why you should rent:

  1. Because the large volume of pieces to sort exceeds current capacity
  2. The cost of buying an instrument or employing a third party vendor poses too much of a burden
  3. Trained operator is on staff who can perform the sort and reliable equipment is available for a unique event

Verichek OES Rentals

Whether you require a daily, weekly, or monthly rental Verichek has a rental program to meet your needs. Don’t guess that your alloy is correct, KNOW for sure what alloy you have through PMI testing!

Our rental programs include:
All rentals include delivery & installation
Initial Certification Training for up to two people
24/7 phone, web, & internet support
Upgrade options for UV probes available

Click here to contact Verichek online or call 412-854-1800 today to discuss your PMI instrument rental needs.

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Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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