Spectro has been in business for nearly forty years. They make analytical equipment to test metals. The company has worldwide operations although they have their headquarters in Germany.

When looking for a Spectro analytic instrument for metal testing, it quite literally pays to look at used items. Spectro old equipment is often perfectly serviceable.  It can also cost about one-third as much as new metal testing equipment. It is also rare, so be sure to contact us first, to make sure the item in question is still in stock.

Analytical Instruments from Spectro

There are five separate used Spectro products to choose from. All of these are mobile metal analyzers. The SpectroTest line is a mobile arc spark spectrometer for jobs requiring precise metal analysis. The SpectroPort line is a smaller unit.


SpectroTest is an arc/spark metal analyzer which allows for precision analysis. It has the widest wavelength range (174 nm – 670 nm). And it allows for the sorting and identification of alloys based on certain element contents. This unit has maximum flexibility and reach. This is accomplished with 4 m (13 ft.) or 8 m (26 ft.) quick change sample probes. These allow for a wider area of operation, and that is without any need to move the spectrometer. The unit allows for point and shoot analysis. Plus it is battery powered, which allows for up to 800 measurements on a single charge.

SpectroTest JR

The SpectroTest JR is a spectrometer which incorporates a diffraction grating to allow for the dispersion of light. This unit is used for the spectrochemical analysis of nonmetallic substances, metals, and fluids. The SpectroTest JR may be fitted with indicators in order to allow for direct reading of the analytical results.

SpectroTest F

The SpectroTest F is a mobile spark optical emission spectrometer capable of analyzing light elements in spark mode that was built for use in the shop or in the field. Arc or spark excitation is available as well as a UV probe for Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulfur analysis. The wide screen is a nice feature for easier data analysis.

SpectroTest M

The SpectroTest M is another mobile spark optical emission spectrometer that is good for Carbon, Phosphorus and Sulfur analysis as well as arc or spark excitation in the field or in the shop. Here is a used SpectroTest M available in good condition.


The SpectroPort is as fast as a handheld XRF, accurately analyzing elements such as Carbon, Phosphorous, Beryllium, Silicon, Magnesium and Aluminum even at critical and low levels. It has a self-adjusting optical system in order to ensure consistent results. The unit is resilient when it comes to ambient temperature changes. It only needs one calibration at the start of the day. It is battery powered which allows for up to 800 measurements on one charge. The SpectroPort can also handle Positive Material Identification (PMI). Analyses take only a few seconds. The unit allows for point and click performance, which minimizes operator decision making and intervention, which can sometimes lead to errors.

Used Spectro Equipment

Spectro used equipment is serviceable and inexpensive. It can still provide a great value for your metal testing and analytical needs. We will either have the item in stock or will find out where to get it.  If you are in search of used Spectro Equipment, check out our used equipment here.


Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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