E‐dynatest Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester

Test a wide range of metals without changing the indenter with the e-dynatest. This is a portable heavy load (100 kgf) Rockwell hardness tester which uses the Rockwell method. A wireless data sharing application that is Android friendly puts this tool over the top.

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The e-dynastest Rockwell hardness Tester is portable, which allows for the measurement of difficult to move pieces that are larger. The e-dynatest is a miniaturized benchtop hardness tester uses high load (100kgf) during the measurement, and the e-dynatest is not affected by the state of the surface. It can be easily used, simply by pressing it on the workpiece to be checked.

E‐dynatest is delivered with a hard plastic carrying case containing thefollowing accessories:

  • Diamond Rockwell indenter
  • 1/16”hardmetalindenter
  • Rockwell/Brinell hardness block
  • 3 anvils for flat surfaces
  • 1 anvil for cylindrical surfaces
  • 1 USB Power supply
  • Wireless battery charger
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Operation manual


Allows for on site measurement of any piece. The e-dynastest is adjustable in all directions allowing savings on handling and cutting costs. Its wireless design is great for ergonomy.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Offers the same accuracy and repeatability as a traditional benchtop tester but in its portable form. The e-dynatest portable hardness tester has been designed to avoid influences due to deflection of the test piece.


The e-dynatest has a measuring head that is designed to be used in different positions (vertical, horizontal, upside-down).

Android Application

The Android application offers the possibility of detecting, managing, sharing, archiving and printing data in a simple and immediate way.

ACCREDIA certification (ILAC MRA-Mutual Recognition Arrangements )

Offers a competitive advantage in markets where certification is required.

Test Load 980N (100 kgf)
Test MethodRockwell
Measuring Range and Avaialble Hardness Scales"+/-" 0, 3, HRC
Optional Hardness ScalesHRC (10-70), 1HB30 (60-700), 2HB30 (100-500), N/mm (350-2050), Kg/mm (40-210)
Available IndentersHBS, HB10, HRA, HRE, HRF, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N, HR15T, HR30T, HR45T, SHORE C for steel, SHORE D for steel, all Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Shore, Leeb scales
Minimum Mass1 diamond Rockwell indenter and 1 hard metal ball indenter
Minimum Measurable ThicknessNot influenced by mass
Tablet <1 mm (hardness depending)
ConnectivityBluetooth connection between electronics and probe, wireless rechargable probe, wireless connectivity with LAN
Energy Saving FunctionsStandard recharagble and replaceable battery, Power On/Off touch sensor, Fast recharging, long battery life


Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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