Optical Emissions Spectrometer Rentals

We offer a wide variety of instruments to meet your specific short to mid-term PMI needs. . .

Verichek is the #1 preferred third party service provider for the metal industry

All rentals include delivery & installation
Initial Certification Training for up to two people
24/7 phone, web, & internet support
Upgrade options for UV probes available

*Training required on an annual basis for (re)certification for all first time users*

Spectrometer Rental Plans & Pricing

Pricing for our spectrometer rental plans vary depending on the type of spectrometer that you need.

Rental pricing Does Not Include Delivery,Install, Training or PickUp.

Group AOES LABS – Oxford: FM; FMX; FML; FMC; Spectro M7$3000/week or $7500/month
Group BOES Mobiles – Oxford AM8000; PMP UV, PMP T, PMC; Spectro Test or Port$3000/week or $7500/month

Probe Pricing for Group B:

3M standard spark:
4M UV Probe:
$75/week or $190/month
8M UV Probe:
$100/week or $300/month
3M UV Touch Probe:
$100/week or $300/month
8M UV Touch Probe:
$300/week or $600/month

Delivery, Install, Training & Service

We can handle the delivery of your spectrometer, install, training and phone or online (TeamViewer) support. Our install and training services includes basic operation and maintenance training for up to 4 hours. Our pricing is according to zones, which are determined by distance from Pittsburgh, PA.

ZoneDistance from PittsburghPrice
Zone 11-4 Hours$2,000
Zone 24-8 Hours$3,000
Zone 3over 8 Hours$4,000

Customer Responsibility:


Responsible for the fair market value of the instrument while under its direction

  • Product Group A @ $60,000
  • Product Group B @ $55,000

Responsible for all shipping costs if delivery option is not taken

Responsible for any costs for all service support costs if required at standard hourly rates

  • Labor @$200/hr
  • Travel at $150/hr plus applicable air and rental car expenses
  • Per diem @ $175/per any overnight stay

Responsible for any costs for phone/TeamViewer support costs if required if service option is not taken at $100/hr

Responsible for Security Deposit:

  • Group A & B @ $5,000.00
  • Group C & D @ $2,500.00

Payment Terms:

Security Deposit and 1st months rental due prior to shipment, balance net 30 days upon invoicing. Invoicing is performed on a monthly basis.