GS 1000-II Optical Emission Spectrometer

The smallest member of the OBLF family is the GS-1000-II. The GS 1000-II is a single-matrix spark emission spectrometer for all standard applications. This spectrometer is built for use in production environments such as foundries. It is also ideal for incoming goods and material control.

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Verichek’s ISO certified calibration and periodic maintenance
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The external conditions surrounding the spectrometer, the detectors (photomultipliers) and the integration system are housed in the temperature-stabilised vacuum optics in order to guarantee independence from the external conditions surrounding the spectrometer.

The analytic capability covers the precise analysis of short-wave elements like:

  • Carbon
  • Phosphorous
  • Sulphur
  • Nitrogen in steel or cast iron
  • Phosphorous in aluminum
Verichek Technical Services

Short Analysis Times

Gated Digitial Source enables simple determination of the best possible excitation parameters combined.

Low Operating Costs

The GS-1000-II has a special, patented gas-supply system optimized to keep argon consumption to a minimum, which results in very low operating costs.

Verichek Technical Services

Custom Parameters

Our spectrometer software, OBLFwin, whose parameters can be set to suit the tasks of the individual customer, contains materials control, automatic program selection and machine monitoring options using control samples.

Verichek Technical Services

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the easily accessible, self-cleaning spark stan.

Verichek Technical Services

Simple to read results

Apart from on-screen display and output via a printer, the analysis results can also be made available to superordinate systems via a network connection.

Easy To Operate

Precise instructions on how to operate the spectrometer and use the software are naturally given during installation. The customer only has to ensure availability of a power and an argon supply.


  • Compact spectrometer
  • GDS III spark source
  • Vacuum optics
  • Self-cleaning spark stand
  • Mini-GISS as option
  • Double electrode system as option


Periodic maintenance (PM) and calibration are essential tasks that you need to do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment continues to function as intended.

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